La Música de Puerto Rico

Raíces y Evolución
Musical Genres

La Bomba

A folk musical genre from Puerto Rico that is sung, danced, and played to the beat of drums with various rhythms.

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La Plena

Puerto Rican folk music that is distinguished by call-and-response type singing to the rhythm of panderos and güiro.

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La Musica Jibara

Music that employs seises and aguinaldos, décimas and decimillas accompanied by cuatro, guitar, and güiro.

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La Danza

A musical genre from Puerto Rico closely associated with dancing and particular rhythms.

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Printed Encyclopedia (4 Volumes)

The Puerto Rico Music Roots and Evolution Encyclopedia consists of four volumes with text and illustrations focusing on each of these musical traditions: Jíbara Music, Dance, Bomba and Plena.

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Access to all Audio Visual Content through our portal

The project includes four educational audio visual documentary videos and eight musical concerts. Each documentary video is divided into five categories: Historical Trajectory, Singing, Dance and Costume, Music Workshop, Instruments and Rhythms. Each genre includes two concerts: one traditional and one experimental.

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Access to blog and comments by the creator

The website has a blog where the creator (William Cepeda or someone else from the production team) will share information and reflections on the evolution of Puerto Rican music. Don't miss the updates and participate in the dialogue with the La Música de Puerto Rico Raíces y Evolución team through the website's blog!

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Printed encyclopedia, 4 volumes. La Bomba, La Plena, Jibaro Music and Danza.
Danza: Educational / Documentary Video
Jibaro Music: Educational / Documentary Video
La Plena: Educational / Documentary Video
La Bomba: Educational / Documentary Video
La Plena: Traditional and Experimental concerts
Jibaro Music: Traditional and Experimental Concert
La Plena: Traditional and Experimental concerts
La Bomba: Traditional and Experimental concerts

What is The Music of Puerto Rico: Roots and Evolution?

La Música de Puerto Rico: Raíces y Evolución (The Music of Puerto Rico: Roots and Evolution) is an educational musical project produced by William Cepeda, Casabe Records, Inc., and Carimoods Entertainment.

It stems from a desire to document our native music and Puerto Rican cultural traditions, promote their development, and explore their potential.

The project is dedicated to exploring four musical traditions that have been fundamental in the historical evolution of Puerto Rico: Jíbaro music, Bomba, Danza, and Plena. The contents of this project are the result of collaboration with musicians, performers, researchers, and supporters of each genre.

About the author


 William Cepeda is already known as an icon of Puerto Rican culture. This artist, musician, and composer has been nominated for Grammy Awards. He revolutionized the Latin music genre in 1992 through the AfroRican Jazz group, with an innovative musical proposal that blends "world" music, progressive jazz, and music from the Afro-Puerto Rican folk roots.

He was born and raised in the town of Loíza, the heart of the African root in Puerto Rico. His artistic excellence as a composer and visionary artist, his authenticity, and his activism in favor of rigorous research and comprehensive documentation of the music, dance, and culture of his country, have earned him awards, scholarships, and recognition at the international level.

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